3 Vital Bio Travel Hair Care Products No Girl Can Travel Without

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We have waited so long! Summer has finally arrived, and that means some much-needed sun and holiday fun. Relaxing at the beach, listening to the waves, stress melting away…what more can one ask for? With all the fun summer has to offer, the hot UV rays, sea water, and humidity can wreak havoc on your hair. Here are 3 bio hair care products no girl should travel without.

1. Bio hair care vegetable oil to protect and moisturize hair

Your hair needs extra protection during those warm summer months. Therefore, we can not stress how important it is to shield your strands from being cooked by the strong UV rays of the sun. For this, we recommend using a bio vegetable hair care oil before you shampoo. Certain oils provide more care than others. It would be best to look for an oil that contains natural ingredients like jojoba, sesame, or coconut that offer extra benefits for your hair. A hair oil forms a protective barrier that works to protect your strands from the aggressive effects of seawater and chlorine. After spending a relaxing day at the beach, your hair desperately needs a deeply nourishing and hydrating hair bath to replenish moisture to sun-damaged hair.

Pssst! If you’re looking for a bio and organic hair care product, This Green has created a bio pre-shampoo hair oil – Bioleic Care. Made with the most natural ingredients, it replenishes vital oils to bring luster, softness, and shine back to your hair. Also, this hair care oil contains jojoba and sesame to rejuvenate your scalp and add strength to your hair. What better way to protect your hair?

2. A bio mild hair shampoo

Your hair builds up residue from sea salt, sand, chlorine, dust and pollution. So do not forget to slip in This Green’s mild shampoo into your suitcase. We recommend washing your hair every three days with a mild shampoo to minimize your summertime hair problems. It’s tempting to wash your hair daily but that only strips out the essential oils from your strands. Instead, rinse your hair with clean water every day to remove any residue!

Our mild shampoo that is suitable for all hair types. It has been specially formulated with natural soap nuts. As it only contains organic ingredients, it is the most convenient way to keep your hair and scalp pH balanced without splitting the natural oils from your strands. An added bonus is that it’s even suitable for people allergic to ethoxylated surfactant (SLES).

3. A hair conditioner for knots and tangles

Your strands cannot survive beach-hair tangles without its partner, hair conditioner. Be sure to pack a suitable hair care conditioner to avoid any hair-drama! Your hair needs extra care during the summer, and an organic conditioner can help untangle the day’s knots with ease. Fun in the sun shouldn’t mean foregoing beautiful healthy-looking hair.

That’s why have also developed a bio hair care conditioner with Ayurvedic extracts. It will leave your hair smelling of orange and bergamot to really get you in the holiday vibe while rejuvenating your mind.

Want to learn more about This Green’s bio hair care products? Find more information here.

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