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You’ll find all the advice and information you need about organic hair care offered to you by This Green. Is organic hair dye the right choice for you? How do you choose the right color? What hair routine best suits your hair type? How do you style your curly hair? We’ve got all the tips and tricks for your beautiful, organic locks!
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Travel Kit: 3 Must-Have Organic Hair Products

Aaaaaah summer holidays are here. You can finally look forward to some beachside chilling, however, the hot UV rays, sea water and humidity can cause havoc with your hair. Here are 3 bio hair care products no girl can travel without.

Why it’s better to opt for a natural spray

An environmentally friendly hair spray enriched with essential oils is a revolutionary concept in the cosmetics industry.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) in shampoo – why avoid it?

Sodium Laureth Sulfate is often used to manufacture mainstream shampoos. However, there is an alternative that respects your hair-health. Learn more about the natural shampoo with soap nuts.

What is a good quality organic shampoo?

When shopping around for a good quality organic shampoo, what should you be looking out for? How can you tell if it’s really organic? Let us give you some clues...

Our Hair Care Oil with Mandarin

You eat mandarins; we make it into a hair care oil! Discover our mandarin pre-shampoo oil, a natural and effective hair care product.

Natural hair dye for grey hair: Unique and Advanced

Using natural hair dye to cover grey hair is the new way to color hair: learn more about how it works and the different ways to mix colors.

What is vegetal hair dye?

Vegetal hair dye is completely organic. It gives the hair a natural shine, protects it and creates an intense color that ...

Natural hair coloring: sustainability first

Natural hair dye is an alternative to chemical filled colorants that respects nature, animal welfare and is also vegan.

4 natural hair loss treatments and preventions

Hair loss and shedding caused by seasonal changes can be a troublesome problem. Here are 4 simple and natural hair loss treatments and remedies.

Will organic hair dye really cover & color my grey hair?

Color your grey hair with organic hair dye. This Green guarantees perfect grey hair coverage thanks to high-quality ingredients.

Sodium Picramate in our Safran Hair Color

This Green’s Safran hair color contains a minimal amount of Sodium Picramate. Understand what it is and how it shortens the processing time.

Why you should switch to a hair conditioner without silicone

While silicones make hair shiny and sleek looking, it’s actually doing more damage than good. Your hair is suffocating while giving it a misleading appearance. Here's why you should opt for a silicone-free conditioner.