Is Ammonia-Free Hair Color the Right Choice?

Is Ammonia-Free Hair Color the Right Choice?

Consumers are becoming increasingly more conscious of  ingredients found in cosmetics. When it comes to hair dye, ammonia raises a red flag for many.  Are you dealing with ammonia-related scalp issues? We’ve got good news: This Green has a large selection of ammonia-free herbal hair dyes just for you.

Why is ammonia added to hair dye?

To explain this, let us first explain how synthetic hair coloring works. Unlike herbal hair dye, mainstream hair dyes begin their color process by opening of the hair cuticle. Ammonia is a chemical ingredient that opens up hair cuticles allowing for the desired hair color to penetrate deep into the hair fiber. So while mainstream dyes use ammonia to open the hair cuticle and deposit the new color, ammonia-free hair dye does not.

Is ammonia harmful?

The legal maximum amount of ammonia in hair dye is set by law, and every hair colorant on the market must adhere to the dosage level. If used properly ammonia should not harm your scalp or hair. Due to the strong odor; however, sensitive individuals may experience ammonia-related scalp issues. This is one of the leading reasons people turn to ammonia-free hair color.

This Green herbal hair dye is ammonia-free

If you’re looking for an ammonia-free herbal hair color then This Green has a range of professional hair dyes for you. Herbal hair dyes are packed with dried plants, flowers, barks, and water – 100% pure and vegetal. Plant-based hair color solutions, with pure natural ingredients, are transforming the beauty industry with a new generation of hair dye options. For allergy sufferers and scent-sensitive individuals this herbal hair dye option offers beautiful, rich, lasting hair color with all the advantages of nature.

Discover This Green’s ammonia-free hair color range here.

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