Why Choose 100% Vegetal Hair Dye?

Why Choose 100% Vegetal Hair Dye?

Choisir la coloration 100% naturelle

Vegetal hair dye is the only hair coloring technique that is truly 100% natural and vegan.
Sourced from 100% natural ingredients (sun-dried flowers, plants, bark) and ground into a powder, our herbal hair dye produces a color that respects both your health and our planet. With amazing benefits, it contains no allergens, respects the environment, and is vegan. What more can you ask for?

100% natural hair color respects your health

Everyday we combat pollution, radiation, and chemicals, and yet many consumers subject themselves to further chemical exposure through hair color. Many mainstream chemical-based hair products contain chemical allergens such as ammonia, PPD, and resorcinol, to name a few.

100% vegetal hair dye bids adieu to these substances and rather, brings together coloring and well-being. Natural hair dyes are gentler on the skin because they are either vegetable or plant-based. All scalp and hair types can enjoy the nutritive properties of This Green’s herbal dye without fear of allergic reactions.

Natural hair color protects and cares for your hair

There are countless benefits of using natural hair dye. It purifies the scalp to build a strong foundation for beautiful hair. It also provides the hair structure with ‘good-for-you’ nutrients, forms a protective layer, and and locks in moisture.

Vegan hair dye is environmentally friendly

Vegan hair dyes are composed of flowers, roots, minerals, barks, stems, and water. Because vegan colorants  are 100% biodegradable and contain no harmful chemicals, we reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, there are no negative effects for the environment, its natural surroundings, or animals. With all these benefits, using natural vegan hair dye is a good idea.

This Green offers a 100% natural hair color range and the Ecogarantie certification guarantees that our hair dyes are eco-friendly, and made up of 100% natural ingredients.

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