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Bio color for hair: Natural and Eco-friendly

Bio color for hair: Natural and Eco-friendly

Mixing bio dye for hair

Do you wonder why an increasing number of people are turning to bio color for hair? This Green may be able to provide the answer. Plant-based hair color works differently to synthetic hair dye, thanks to it’s clean, green ingredients. It’s a natural way of dying hair while caring for the environment.

Bio Products: Pure and natural

Clean, green beauty is in. But what are bio products and why are they so popular? On the subject of hair dye, specifically, our wholly natural dye is made up of a unique blend of sun-dried roots, leaves, barks, and herbs.  Once the different plant parts are dry, they are crushed into a fine powder, forming the base of our dye.  Known for their ability to achieve vibrant shades, each powder has its own unique composition. Creating different combinations from these precious powders produces a variety of shades, from warmer to cooler tones.

Natural, bio color for hair: Eco-friendly

Natural, plant-based dyes are simply made with plants and water – no additives or artificial ingredients. These eco-friendly products help preserve the environment by significantly reducing waste. The ingredients we use are biodegradable, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic; and therefore, friendly to the earth and body. Additionally, our bio product line is completely vegan, free from any animal products.

Bio products boast a number of beauty benefits. They are gentle on hair, preserve hair structure, and lock in natural oils so hair stays soft and shiny.

The cosmetic industry is making great strides to create cleaner, greener products. If you regularly color your hair, join the clean beauty movement and try our 100% bio dye for hair. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Would you like to know more about This Green’s organic hair color? Click here to discover all the advantages of plant-based dye!

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