How to choose organic cosmetics wisely, without being fooled

How to choose organic cosmetics wisely, without being fooled

Choosing organic cosmetics wisely

Social consciousness is growing more and more. The dietary and cosmetic habits of citizens are radically changing. However, switching from conventional cosmetics to organic cosmetics is no easy task. Many brands use greenwashing to make you believe that their products are natural. But these products only contain a tiny amount of bio ingredients, hidden by silicone and other chemical products. Don’t fall into their trap any longer! Below, we offer advice on how to choose the right organic cosmetics without being fooled.

Read the ingredients of organic cosmetics

Have you decided to switch to natural? It’s not always easy picking eco-friendly cosmetics without being fooled. Needless to say, to choose the right organic cosmetics, you must make sure that there are no chemical ingredients present. Obviously, we’re not asking you to become an expert in cosmetology! But by force of habit, you can easily recognize certain ingredients. For example, you’ll often find silicone listed as “dimethicone” or as any word ending in “cone”, “one” or “xane”.

If in doubt, don’t hesitate to visit This site allows you to look up and learn about any cosmetic component. It’s simple to use and a very practical tool for when you’re just starting out.

The certification label is your best ally

If you’re new to reading INCI lists, don’t hesitate to look for the organic label. You can trust this label! Labels such as EcoGarantie and Ecocert certify that the products respect public health, the environment and animal welfare. Each label sets forth strict specifications to which these products must adhere. In addition, they favor natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, natural colorants and plant extracts. At This Green, we collaborate daily with EcoGarantie to provide the best products for all circumstances.

Learn more about our organic label and cosmetics here

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