Clay Mask for Hair: Natural hair care

Clay Mask for Hair: Natural Hair Care

Argile verte

It’s no secret that green clay works wonders for the skin and body. The benefits of green clay, however, reach beyond to the scalp and hair. Consumers are asking how and when a clay mask should be used.

Natural hair care

Green clay is rich in trace minerals. Being a natural product from the earth, it has unlimited potential for wellness with many health benefits. It’s used to heal internal problems like digestive conditions or infections. And in beauty products, clay is used to exfoliate dead skin and tighten pores. Clay has highly absorbent properties and is used for removing toxins and impurities and is, therefore, ideal for cleansing the skin and scalp.

Why use green clay mask for hair?

A green clay mask is an excellent addition to any hair care routine because it thoroughly cleanses the scalp.  Green clay’s moisturising, conditioning, and nourishing properties rid the hair and scalp of any excess toxins. 

The benefits of using a green clay mask for hair:

  • Absorbs excess sebum build-up and balances the skin’s sebum levels making it perfect for oily hair
  • Purifies the scalp
  • Detoxifies hair
  • Prevents or eliminates dandruff
  • May be used as a pre-treatment before using plant-based dye

Clay is the perfect mask for every type of hair. This Green understands the benefits of this mineral based product and uses it in its product line.

A Natural Detox Clay from This Green

At This Green, we use a clay mask as a pre-treatment to cleanse the scalp and hair before coloring it. We have created a natural detox clay treatment that can be used before applying any plant-based herbal dye. The mask is composed of Atlas Cedar, Tea Tree and Jojoba essential oils. It removes all toxins and impurities from the scalp so that the hair can better absorb the hair color.

How to use This Green’s green clay mask on hair:

  • On oily hair –  apply a thick layer, leave it for at least 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
  • As a pre-treatment before coloring hair –  apply the clay mask evenly throughout the hair, leave for 30 minutes then rinse and wash with a suitable Color Shampoo.

Want to know more about our green clay mask for hair? Find more details here

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