How does color for hair with henna work?

How does color for hair with henna work?

Henna dye for hair offers unique results

Henna is known as a natural alternative to color hair. But how does henna dye for hair work, exactly? The secret lies in a specific functioning that guarantees fantastic results.

The origins of henna dye for hair

These days, henna hair dye is cultivated in different tropical regions. The colors differ depending on the region, which explains how it achieves different tints. This is precisely what makes hair color with henna so unique! It can achieve tones ranging from yellow-orange to red-orange. But that’s not all! The warmer and more humid the climate of the country of origin, the more intense the color will be.

A natural process

But what makes henna dye for hair so special? The answer is simple: it uses solely natural ingredients; nothing else is added. Color for hair with henna is composed solely out of sun-dried powder made from plants and water. You can’t get any more natural than that! What’s more, the natural dye merely coats the hair, without changing the internal structure. Unlike chemical dye for hair, this coating provides a protective layer for your hair and leaves the hair undamaged. That’s why henna dye is such a healthy and natural alternative for coloring hair.

A unique color for hair with henna

Henna hair dye has another fantastic benefit: the results obtained are unique for everyone. Indeed, henna dye harmoniously adapts to the natural hair color. Given that the color for hair with henna coats the hair, the color is formed in combination with the natural hair color. Thanks to this balanced functioning, identical colors will be different for each head of hair. No one will have the same color as you: a fantastic attribute worth boasting about.

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