Color for hair without ammonia has a gentle scent

Color for hair without ammonia has a gentle scent

Color for hair without ammonia has a gentle scent

Everyone recognizes the smell of ammonia: a strong and pungent smell that is anything but agreeable. And yet, ammonia is still used regularly in traditional hair dye, which isn’t very pleasant for hairdressers that come into contact with the substance daily. Some people are even highly sensitive to the smell. The solution? This Green’s color for hair without ammonia.

Why is ammonia used in hair dye?

Ammonia is often used because it opens the hair cuticles. This is important for synthetic hair dye because it allows the synthetic pigments to be applied to the hair fibers. The pigments are added to the natural pigments of the hair. That’s how hair changes color. Ammonia therefore plays a crucial role as it ensures that these pigments gain access to the hair fiber.

Is ammonia harmful?

European law has authorized a maximum quantity of ammonia in hair color. Though hair dye manufacturers respect these amounts, the substance can still be used and added to the hair dye. Thanks to the maximum permitted quantity, ammonia is effectively rendered harmless for the body and hair. However, the strong smell of ammonia means many people are highly sensitive to the substance. As a result, certain people may prefer using color for hair without ammonia.

This Green’s color for hair without ammonia

Those who are sensitive to the strong smell of ammonia gratefully receive our dye for hair without ammonia. It’s a wholly natural product with a gentle and pleasant scent. This hair color consists solely of plants and water. Nothing else. Flowers, bark, leaves and other parts of the plant are left to dry in the sun. Once completely dry, these elements are ground into a fine powder. And mixing this powder with water then forms the hair color. So, it’s a completely natural concept that can be used by everyone and anyone.

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