Can I color gray hair with organic hair color?

Can I color gray hair with organic hair color?

Color gray hair with organic hair color: perfect coverage

Not sure whether organic color for hair provides enough coverage? Or unsure of which hair colors are possible? Here’s everything you need to know about organic hair color for gray hair!

How does organic hair color for gray hair work?

1. Impeccable coverage thanks to the base layer

To guarantee perfect coverage when coloring gray hair, This Green uses a base layer. The base layer consists of henna molecules that affix themselves to the hair fibers. This is a great way to create a base layer that is strong enough to hold for a long time, thus guaranteeing optimal color intensity when coloring gray hair with organic hair color.

2. Perfect color thanks to the second layer

As you may already know, henna molecules are a warm pigment. At This Green, however, we want to color gray hair with organic hair color that creates a balanced color tone. That’s why we neutralize the warmth with cold pigments. These pigments often derived from indigo: another plant with strong color-giving properties. In doing so, you can achieve all color tones when coloring gray hair, ranging from clear blonde to rich black. There’s undoubtedly something for every taste!

Why use organic hair color for coverage?

Besides perfect color, organic hair color has an extra benefit: it also provides great hair treatment. Besides plants with a coloring effect, we also add plants with a caring effect to our hair color. These will only benefit your scalp and hair. Characteristics of these plants include: preventing dandruff, regulating sebum production, reducing inflammation, providing more shine… So, coloring gray hair with organic hair color also provides sublime nourishment and hair care. You’ll soon be glowing like never before.

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