Cover Grey Hair With A Natural Hair Dye

Cover Grey Hair With A Natural Hair Dye

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Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to cover grey hair with a natural hair dye. Even if your hair is completely grey, a natural plant-based dye can give you comprehensive coverage without causing any damage.

Why does hair turn grey?

Hair doesn’t become grey overnight – it is a gradual process.  And did you know that hair doesn’t actually turn grey? The color of hair changes over time as pigment cells (also known as melanin) naturally stop producing pigment. So as hair regenerates, a new strand grows in with less melanin, appearing grey, white, or silver, due to a lack of pigment. Grey hair is not unique to older people. Many of us see the first signs of grey hair around the 35-40 year mark. A common reaction is to pull those strands out, but try to resist. According to myth, you’ll get twice as much grey hair growth by doing so!

Plant-based natural hair dye to cover grey hair

A plant-based dye consists of water and plant extracts such as henna, madder, chamomile, and indigo. Unlike synthetic hair dyes, which penetrate the hair cuticle, natural plant-based dyes leave your hair fibers in tact. The wholesome properties coat the hair shaft with a nourishing, protective layer allowing the color to fade gradually without any line of demarcation. Therefore, this method not only covers your grey strands, but also provides lasting results for two to three months. This translates to fewer appointments at your local salon. And there you have it: a high quality natural hair dye can cover grey hair effectively and uniformly.

Cover grey hair with a professional stylist

If you’re thinking to cover that first grey hair with a natural plant-based hair dye, consult with a professional natural colorist. They will work to find the best solution to cover your grey hair depending on your hair type, texture, porosity, and natural color. Thanks to the natural ingredients in the hair dye, you are likely to see improvements to your locks. With the help of a trained natural hair dye specialist you can look forward to consistent, beautiful grey hair coverage.

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