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Cover White Hair with Herbal Dye

Cover White Hair with Herbal Dye

Plantaardige haarkleuring voor grijs haar is gezond en dekt perfect

An herbal hair dye is an excellent alternative to traditional dye. But for many the question is, “how effective are herbal dyes at covering white hair?” If you’re looking for answers you’ve come to the right place…

Why is herbal dye healthier?

Ethically sourced herbal dye is becoming increasingly popular as consumers become more eco-conscious. More and more people are turning to sustainable alternatives to color their hair, and an organic, all-natural dye is an excellent choice! Natural dyes are eco-friendly, non-carcinogenic, and leave a smaller carbon footprint than their synthetic counterparts. Additionally, plant-based dyes have good-for-your-hair ingredients with Ayurvedic propertiesRich plant extracts protect the hair fiber by coating each strand while coloring. The extracts add a protective layer to your hair by locking in essential vitamins and nutrients which can be lost when using synthetic hair dyes.

Can an herbal hair dye cover my white hair?

This Green guarantees 100% white hair coverage with our plant-based hair dye. This is possible thanks to a new, unique way of coloring which uses advanced techniques to cover white hair naturally. 

Before bringing our organic dye to market, we carried out intensive testing to ensure high-quality color results. Furthermore, at This Green, our hair colorists follow vigorous training in plant-based dyes to get perfect results for our clients. Hair responds better to natural ingredients. You are guaranteed beautiful, natural looking color.

So, if you’ve been sitting on the fence about switching, I think it’s safe to say you can cover your white hair, and get perfect color from plant-based alternatives. Curious about herbal and all natural hair dye for grey and white hair? Discover more here!

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