Dye for hair without PPD: the solution for PPD allergies

Dye for hair without PPD: the solution for PPD allergies

Dye for hair without PPD is the solution

Thanks to dye for hair without PPD, people with PPD allergies can now color their hair. Here’s all you need to know about the allergy and how skin irritation can be avoided.

PPD is a contact allergen

For people who are allergic to contact allergens, an allergic reaction may occur when the skin comes into direct contact with the substance. The irritation typically appears on those areas where direct contact was made with the substance. There are different types of allergic reactions, including red skin, itchiness, flakes and blisters. Everyone reacts differently, so there’s no telling how you’ll react if you’re allergic.

Which products contain PPD?

PPD can be found in photographic developers, photocopiers, fax machines… and hair dye. The latter is probably the most common example. In this case, someone who is allergic to PPD will often suffer from an irritated scalp and swells during and/or after coloring the hair. Thankfully, This Green has come up with the perfect solution: dye for hair without PPD.

Is dye for hair without PPD the solution for allergies?

This Green offers traditional hair dye without PPD, but this still contains chemical ingredients. That’s why we also developed an alternative type of dye for hair without PPD, namely plant-based hair dye. This is composed wholly out of plants and water. It all starts with laying out flowers, plants, bark… to dry in the sun. Once dry, we grind the dried plants to a fine powder. By adding water to the powder, we obtain the hair dye without PPD. As you can see, this is a completely natural alternative, meaning it’s also more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In short, it’s an innovative way to color hair without causing damage to the planet. Pretty cool, right?

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