Dye for hair with henna: So much more than red hair color

Dye for hair with henna: So much more than red hair color

Dye for hair with henna: all colors are now possible

The belief that dye for hair with henna can only be used to obtain warm, red colors is a myth. Over the past decade, henna has evolved to the point that all colors are now possible. Here’s how…

How is natural dye for hair with henna made?

Natural dyes for hair with henna are used very often because henna is known to affix itself to the hair firmly. Once affixed, it won’t detach easily. That explains its longevity: during the first color application, it can easily hold for 6 weeks. As you continue to use this hair dye more often, the longevity can stretch up to no less than 3 months.

Which tones can be achieved with dye for hair with henna?

Dyes for hair with henna originate from sun-dried powder from the henna plant. The leaves of the plant contain the most pigment, although the bark can also be used. After harvesting, the leaves and bark are dried in the sun. Once dry, they are ground into a fine powder. When this powder is mixed with water, you can dye the hair with henna.

The pigments can achieve tones ranging from yellow-orange to red-orange. It is therefore correct to assume that henna is a warm pigment. But henna is also so much more than that… By combining it with other plant powders, such as shikakai and indigo, hair dye with henna can achieve all tones. To do this, the formulas and compositions are adapted. For blonde tones, for example, the yellow-orange variant is used in combination with other yellow color plants. For brown tones, henna will only be added in small dosages, and cool pigments such as indigo will predominate. The This Green hairdressers are expert colorists: thanks to intensive training, they know when and which colored powders to mix in order to achieve certain tones.

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