Dyeing Hair During Pregnancy: Is it safe?

Dyeing hair during pregnancy: is it safe?

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Are you a mother-to-be? Maybe you have doubts about dyeing hair during pregnancy? You’ll be glad to know that being pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean having to give up coloring your tresses! An alternative solution to mainstream dyes exists for pregnant women: a 100% natural hair dye. So much is changing in your life, but your hair color doesn’t have to. Find out how…

Pregnant? Avoid chemical hair dyes

There are ongoing studies about dyeing hair during pregnancy. But as a pregnant woman you just want to know, “can I maintain my hair color without harming my baby?” The answer is not as clear as one might think. Some gynecologists advise pregnant women to steer clear of a conventional dyes, arguing that chemicals found in hair dyes are absorbed into the blood stream and could harm the fragile embryo. Other OB-GYN’s, on the other hand, see no problem with pregnant women coloring their hair, stating the absorption of ingredients through the scalp is minimal. With so much conflicting information, what’s a gal to do?

Research continues, but experts agree that pregnant women should wait until their second trimester before using any sort of hair dye – natural or synthetic.  What’s most important to know is that conventional hair colorants contain allergens such as ammonia or PPD.  These are the harmful chemicals that expectant moms do not want to transfer to their baby. Therefore, opt for a 100% natural hair dye alternative.

Hair color options for mothers-to-be

Vegetable or plant-based dyes are suitable alternatives for pregnant women. They are gentler on the scalp and hair fiber. The color pigments from natural dyes coat the hair shaft instead of using chemical substances to open hair follicles to change the color. Because natural dyes are made from only plants, flowers, barks, and spices, they are 100% pure. Natural dyes still provide excellent color coverage while enhancing your hair’s natural shine and beauty.

This Green supports and promotes the use of natural hair dyes, and we our proud that our hair color is suitable for pregnant women. Plant-based dyes contain ingredients that are good for the hair restoring vibrancy. What’s more, our 100% herbal dyes gives brilliant grey hair coverage. We believe dyeing hair during pregnancy shouldn’t be about chemical compounds but about a healthy hair routine.

Expert hair colorist makes all the difference

We recommend seeking advice from an expert colorist if you are thinking about dyeing your hair during pregnancy, or making any drastic changes to your already colored hair. Once you get the all-clear from your OB-GYN, go ahead and book a coloring appointment! If you decide to keep color off your scalp, the colorist can suggest alternative services including highlights, root touch-ups, balayage or streaking. Whatever option you choose, natural dyes are safe and effective.

Give your hair the gift of lasting beauty with a little help from Mother Nature.

Find information about our natural hair colors here

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