Coloring Hair During Pregnancy: The Best Hair Dyes

Coloring Hair During Pregnancy: The Best Hair Dyes

La coloration pour femme enceinte

Eating habits aren’t the only thing to change during pregnancy.  And one pressing question is: must I  forego coloring my hair for 9 months? In a word, no. Natural hair dye provides a safe solution for every pregnant woman!

Dyeing hair during pregnancy

It is counterintuitive for an expectant woman to use chemical dye. As with any product, the components of hair dye will be absorbed by the bloodstream. Synthetic colorants contain potential allergens like ammonia and silicones which can irritate or infect the scalp. Therefore, dying one’s hair (especially with chemical hair dye), is not recommended during the first trimester as the delicate fetus’s organs are forming. Thankfully there are chemical-free options! This Green offers 100% natural and completely adapted dyes for pregnant women.

Color your hair naturally: The best hair dyes

Natural hair dyes have no artificial substances. These are plant-based hair colorants which do not affect the structure of your hair. During pregnancy, this type of hair coloring is, therefore, suitable for every pregnant woman. The best hair dyes are made of leaves, barks, and roots. All natural plant dyes are an excellent substitute for synthetic dyes.

This Green has developed a natural hair dye suitable for pregnant women, and it is 100% organic. The natural route is just as effective as traditional dyes without any negative side effects on the body.

Some useful tips

  • Wait until the second trimester to use any form of hair colorant
  • Inform your hair colorist. They can ask the appropriate questions and adapt dye composition accordingly
  • Use high-quality hair color. The best natural hair dyes will give you excellent coverage
  • Perform a skin patch test before using any new hair dye
  • Read the instructions carefully before applying

Natural hair color is a safe, worry-free option during your pregnancy. You’ll maintain beautiful color while strengthening the quality of your scalp and hair without added concern for your new bundle of joy.

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