Essential oils: a key element of natural products

Essential oils: a key element of natural products

Les huiles essentielles

In the cosmetics and well-being market, natural ingredients and remedies are rapidly replacing their synthetic counterparts. Aromatherapy – also known as Essential Oil Therapy –  is an ancient holistic practice that makes use of essential oils. But what are the positive effects of aromatherapy and essential oils?

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy that uses natural extracts from flowers, barks, leaves, and other plant parts. The goal of Aromatherapy is to improve psychological and physical well-being while respecting mother nature. In addition to working wonders on the scalp and hair, aromatherapy benefits include relief from skin conditions, allergies, muscular pains, digestive disorders, stress, and anxiety.

The benefits of aromatherapy work in synergy with natural products to help restructure, repair, or strengthen hair. Highly concentrated and potent, these oils need to be diluted in a suitable base, like a carrier oil. A few drops of the right essential oil in your hair care formula can give you a rejuvenating and revitalizing experience. Because these oils are so versatile, selecting the right hair care product can also work as an aromatherapy carrier.

Wonderful virtues of essential oils

The use of these precious oils dates back to Ancient Egypt. Essential oils were, and still are, used for their various cleansing, moisturizing, stimulating, and toning properties. Whether you are battling dry hair, oily scalp, dandruff, or psoriasis these oils are an effective tool. It’s clear that natural products used in tandem with essential oils are highly effective.

Natural products are key to improving your well-being

The unique combination of essential oils in natural products cleanse and condition the hair and scalp while acting on your emotional well-being and nervous system. A few drops of these oils can really nourish, balance, and condition your hair. Moreover, our organic, natural products have minimal impact on the environment.

This Green: natural products

« We select the highest quality ingredients for our product range, filled with vegetable and essential oils.»

This Green understands the power of oils and we use them in our natural product range. Aromatherapy is, therefore, a key principle of This Green’s hair care. We also use these oils in our hair colorants to provide a luxurious and unique experience to fit our client’s individual needs.

Improve your everyday feeling of well-being with natural products!

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