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3 incredible ways to get shiny hair

3 incredible ways to get shiny hair

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Every woman dreams of having shiny hair; however, there are times when hair can lack luster, shine, and softness. It looks dull and lifeless. It could be down to inadequate care, a poor diet, or it needs intense nourishment. Don’t fret! We have some simple tips and products to bring your hair back to life!

1. Oils: The secret to shiny hair

Vegetable oils are nature’s magic potions. All-natural oils are filled with fatty acids which offer nutrients to deeply moisturize the hair fiber. But with countless options out there, which oils works best to make her shiny? First, there’s castor oil. Rich in Omega 6 and 9, it traps moisture in the hair to create surface shine. Also, castor oil has been linked to hair growth because it increases blood circulation. Next in line is jojoba oil. If you have an oily scalp, jojoba is the perfect choice because it regulates sebum production while nourishing your strands. Last, but certainly not least: argan oil. This liquid gold is a fantastic addition to anyone’s beauty routine as it hydrates and conditions intensely.

This Green’s Bioleic Care is enriched with jojoba, argan, safflower and sesame oils and offers the perfect treatment for dull, lifeless hair. Penetrating deep into the heart of the hair fiber, this is one organic product that makes hair shiny, sleek and glossy.

2. Brush hair daily

Most experts recommend brushing or combing your hair daily. With each stroke, you clean your scalp and hair, and remove dead skin, dust, and residue from chemical products. Over-brushing, however, or using the wrong type of styling tool may lead to cuticle damage resulting in hair breakage. Therefore, we recommend using a wide-toothed comb or wooden brush. Any brush or comb with boar bristles is gentler on the hair. They stimulate your glands allowing cuticles to remain soft which protect the hair fiber and boost shine.

3. Products to make hair shiny: natural hair dye

The natural beauty market has seen explosive growth in recent years, and as firm believers in clean beauty we recommend using natural and organic products to make hair shiny. One of the main reasons hair loses its luster is continuous use of hair colorants. Mainstream hair dyes contain substances that open your hair cuticles to deposit new color and results in your hair structure and texture changing over time. Natural hair products, on the other hand, use dye pigments that coat the hair shaft to form a protective layer and help close hair cuticles. The result is noticeably shinier hair. Herbal dye is perfect for all types of hair – even for pregnant women or individuals who are receiving medical treatment. Need more convincing? Find out more about natural hair dye – click here for more details.

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