Sensitive to ammonia? Choose hair color without ammonia

Sensitive to ammonia? Choose hair color without ammonia

Haarkleuring zonder ammoniak heeft een zachte geur

Hair color without ammonia? Does such a dye exist? Many people are sensitive to the unpleasant smell of this chemical which is often found in synthetic hair dyes. People prone inhalant and/or skin allergies should avoid this substance as much as possible. Lucky for you, we have a solution: This Green’s ammonia-free hair color!

What do ammonia-based hair dyes do?

Ammonia is a powerful substance added to hair dye. Ammonia ensures the hair follicle opens for color to penetrate deep into the cortex, thus being absorbed by the hair. This chemical penetration creates long-lasting results associated with traditional dyes which is why it is often used. 

Ammonia: harmful or not?

When used correctly and in small quantities, ammonia will not damage the hair or scalp. Hair care products are strictly regulated and there’s a maximum limit to the amount of a product can contain. Hair dye manufacturers must follow these guidelines and not exceed the statutory set limit.

However, the substance has a very strong odor. Ammonia is a very small molecule, which evaporates rapidly. This is where the strong ammonia smell comes from. Some people are sensitive to this smell, or even have reactions to it, and are therefore, in search of an ammonia-free alternative.

This Green: hair color without ammonia

For people who are sensitive to the unpleasant smell, This Green has developed an-ammonia free option. It is completely natural,  consisting only of sun-dried plants, flowers, barks, and water! It’s composed of pure green natural ingredients, making it a natural solution for ammonia scent-sensitive people. This vegetal hair color, enriched with natural oils, is a hair-friendly solution! This plant-derived dye provides beautiful color coverage and locks in proteins to grow stronger hair.  

You can now appreciate the benefits of hair color in an all-natural way, without worrying about ammonia and its harmful effects. Curious about the natural hair coloring? Click here.

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