Hair dye and chemotherapy

Hair dye and chemotherapy

Whether it’s during or after chemotherapy, how you choose to color hair is of the upmost importance. We recommend opting for a natural hair color that is gentle on your hair and scalp. Here’s why…

Hair dye and chemotherapy: what are the dangers?

Chemotherapy renders hair extremely fragile. As medication and treatments take effect, the body weakens. A side-effect commonly linked to chemotherapy is hair loss and lack of regrowth, as hair no longer gets vital nutrients.

Doctors and oncologists discourage coloring with conventional hair dye during chemotherapy. The reason? Synthetic chemicals may not be compatible with your chemo treatment. Additionally, conventional hair dye might change the hair structure, impeding regrowth or slowing down the growth process.

Dyeing hair after chemo, what are the alternatives?

Once you’re ready to color your hair, opt for a natural hair dye. Dyeing hair after chemo with any herbal solution is a safe option because natural dyes contain only plants, such as flowers, leaves, and barks. Therefore, there are no negative effects on the hair (note: always perform a skin patch test). Anyone can use it, at any age or moment in their lives – including during serious medical treatments, such as chemo. Our herbal dye is also safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Natural hair color: what results can you expect?

The natural hair color range is available in all types of shades: golden blondes, darker tones, and lovely highlights. There is no doubt, you will find a suitable match. Natural hair dye and chemo go hand in hand. It has the capacity to nourish and protect: your hair stays intact while allowing new hair growth to regain its former beauty.

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