Herbal hair color: real or not

Herbal hair color: real or not

Herbal hair color is composed of plant powders and water

The interest in herbal hair color is ever-increasing, but there are also an increasing number of variants being put on the market. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff and recognize when you’re dealing with truly herbal color?

A change in attitude

Thanks to the media, the bio lifestyle is receiving more and more attention. And the increasing number of allergies also means that alternatives are being more and more sought after. Both factors have contributed to the formation of a collective consciousness and a change in attitude. Many hair salons have responded to this trend by offering natural hair color. But are these products truly natural? How can you recognize and verify this? We answer your questions below…

How can you recognize real herbal color?

A manufacturer is obliged to add the list of ingredients to its product. This is an international obligation at European level and is known as the INCI list. The list must start with the ingredient used in the greatest amount. For herbal hair color, for example, this will be a powder. The rest of the ingredients are then mentioned in descending order. If you’d like to verify these ingredients, you can do so on The Truth About Cosmetics. Using the “INCI search” on this site, you can look up all the ingredients of the herbal color. The colors of the emojis indicate how (un)healthy an ingredient is.

So don’t allow yourself to be misled. Several misleading tricks can make herbal colors appear organic when they are, in fact, not. This is called greenwashing. You can find more information about greenwashing on Ecogarantie.

How can you verify whether you’re dealing with a real herbal hair color?

You can always start by taking a look at the INCI list of ingredients. Ask your hairdresser if you can have a look at the packaging of the herbal hair color, seeing as it’s compulsory to mention the ingredients. This will give you a good indication of how healthy the product is. You can also keep an eye on what the natural hair dye is mixed with: real herbal colors are always mixed with water.

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