Natural Hair Color: Why use herbal Hair Dye?

Natural Hair Color: Why use herbal hair dye?

More and more eco-friendly consumers are looking for clean, green hair dye options. So why not try our herbal dye? It is composed entirely of  organic vegetal goodness! In other words, it colors hair naturally while boasting a ton of added benefits for your scalp and hair.

How does herbal hair dye work?

Everything begins with a precious plant. Herbal – or, vegetal – hair dye is made from sun-dried plants, flowers, and leaves. Once the natural ingredients dry completely, they are harvested and crushed into a fine powder which is used as the base of our hair dye. Expert colorists mix this powder with hot water to create a dye paste. That’s it. Our 100% vegetal hair dye covers  your strands and adapts to your natural hair color to protect the integrity of your internal hair fiber.

Benefits of Herbal Hair Dye

Plant-based hair color is composed of plant pigments making it a 100% natural alternative. Take a look at the benefits below:

  • It can be used by anyone. Our vegetal dye consists solely of ingredients found in nature and does not contain irritants which can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, people who suffer from skin-contact allergies (dermatitis) caused by ingredients such as ammonia or PPD can use our dye. Furthermore, this hair color is vegetal, it may also be used while pregnant or receiving chemotherapy.
  • Fantastic nourishing qualities. The herbal paste wraps gently around your hair strands, forming a protective layer.
  • Color lasts longer and fades out gradually. The plant pigments fix onto the outer layer of the hair fiber allowing the color to fade slowly, over time.
  • Suitable for all hair types and hair shades.
  • 100% grey hair coverage.
  • 100% biodegradable. This significantly reduces our impact on the environment which is a key benefit of herbal hair dye.

Above all, our pure green hair color is a sustainable alternative to chemical dye making this option all the more great!

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