Men’s hair products vs women’s: Is there a difference?

Men’s hair products vs women’s: Is there a difference?

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Is there a difference between men’s and women’s hair care products?  Do women need to use so much more product than men? There is a widespread belief that women’s hair products are better than their “for men” counterparts. Clever marketing has led us to believe that men’s grooming products perform differently, but is that really the case?

Men’s hair products vs women

Gender differentiation in cosmetics is entrenched in our societies and beauty regimens. But, why? We all have skin and hair. Do men’s hair products work differently if used on a woman? And vice-versa? The men’s hair care section exists only because of  marketing techniques.

Marketing gurus have convinced us that there is a big difference when it comes to men’s and women’s hair and the products used. But skin is skin.  And men and women have many of the same hair care needs. We believe everyone’s can be treated in the same way. When you get down to it, men and women’s hair products: shampoos, conditioners, pomades and gels – they are likely to contain the same ingredients and serve the same function, regardless of gender!

At This Green, our hair care line doesn’t look at gender, only hair. If hair needs care, why should it be different from one person to the other?

This Green: Hair care for men & women

This Green’s hair care line does not differentiate between men and women. We concentrate on what’s best for your skin – period.  The term “hair care for men” has no meaning, except in ads and commercials. When a product is formulated in the right way, with natural plants and oils, both men and women may reap the benefits.

Hair history and scalp health are of the most important factors when we develop hair products. Is the hair chemically treated? Is there any silicone buildup? Does the client suffer from an oily scalp? Is the hair dry or damaged? All these factors help us formulate a high-quality hair care product.

What more is there to say? Discover our hair care range and how they can benefit your hair.

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