A Mild Herbal Shampoo Cares for your hair

A Mild Herbal Shampoo Cares for your hair

Are you looking for 100% natural hair care? Want a mild shampoo that will make your hair soft and shiny? Look no further! This Green’s range of hair care products – including its ultra mild herbal shampoo – is just what you’ve been looking for. Inspired by nature, the goodness of plants and essential oils, discover what this shampoo can do for you…

100% natural hair care

Wondering what’s behind 100% natural hair care? Why, pure, green, organic goodness, of course! 100% natural care offers maximum efficiency for maximum hair pleasure. The beauty industry is rapidly changing in part to eco-conscious consumers concerned with what they put on and in their bodies, including hair care products like a mild shampoo! Shoppers like you are demanding clean, green products which offer maximum health benefits for the body.

You can’t compete with the power of nature, and This Green’s hair care range is 100% plant-based. Discover our ultra mild herbal shampoo  today! Made from natural soap nuts and essential oils, this mild shampoo gently penetrates to clean your hair deeply, without damaging it.

What do natural products have to offer?

People are returning to simplicity by enjoying the richness of earth-friendly ingredients. This is what natural products promise to offer. Cultivated with respect, nature offers everything you need. With this idea, it’s not surprising that natural products are outperforming conventional skin care.

Need more convincing? Shampoos are used by many to clean hair while keeping it shiny and soft; unfortunately, this is not always the case. Traditional shampoos might leave your hair looking and smelling clean, but they can also strip the hair of vital oils. Natural products are kinder to your hair and protect the essential oils and proteins needed to make hair look glossy and beautiful.

A Herbal shampoo from This Green

With more and more companies focusing their efforts on natural products, how can you be sure the product really is 100% natural? This Green’s hair care range, including our mild herbal shampoo, is organically certified by Ecogarantie. As one of the strictest skin care labels in Europe, this guarantee offers peace of mind to consumers looking for real organic care. Ecogarantie has independently verified that the ingredients in our herbal shampoo match “what’s actually in the product,” and we’ve got the stamp to prove it!

At This Green, nature is king and we do our best to promote its countless benefits every day. We endeavor to bring you professional salon quality natural products, made with 100% certified organic ingredients.

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