Shine bright with your natural color for hair

Shine bright with your natural color for hair

Herbal color for hair provides sublime shine

What is natural color for hair, exactly? Well, it’s a wonderful way to color hair in both a natural and healthy manner — providing you and your hair with a radiant glow. But once you’ve colored your hair, how do you maintain the color to make sure it stays so beautiful? We’ve got several tips for you…

Herbal color for hair: sublime shine

You’ve probably already noticed it: natural color for hair provides sublime shine, especially when compared to chemical hair dye. In fact, the latter damages natural pigments, which makes the hair slightly duller. It also takes a lot of work to maintain chemical color: extreme hair care to prevent the hair from drying out, special shampoo for color-treated hair, regular visits to the hairdresser…

Luckily, this is all a thing of the past! Because once you’ve tried natural hair color, you won’t want anything else. Here’s some advice from This Green to ensure the sublime shine of your herbal color for hair glows even brighter…

Maintaining natural color-treated hair with mild shampoo

To maintain this natural color, we recommend using a mild, plant-based shampoo. This type of shampoo contains wholly mild and natural ingredients and is therefore very compatible with herbal color for hair.

We also recommend you wash your herbal color-treated hair two to three times a week. This ensures that your sebum production remains well balanced, which benefits herbal color for hair. Don’t wash your hair with hot water. Instead, use lukewarm water, or even opt for cold water if you’re feeling really brave.

Gentle detangling treatment for color-treated hair

To detangle your hair, opt for a wooden comb with large teeth. This offers gentle treatment that will spare your scalp a lot of discomfort. You can also opt for a conditioner that is suitable for natural color for hair. Using the correct conditioner will provide extra shine to your hair, as well as intensely hydrate it.

Learn more about working with herbal color for hair.


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