A Natural Hair Conditioner: The Secret to Beautiful Hair

A Natural Hair Conditioner: The Secret to Beautiful Hair

Shampoo is, no doubt, an essential part of your daily hair care routine. It’s a no-brainer, right? But what about your hair conditioner? A good conditioner can make all the difference for beautiful, healthy hair. Today, we explain why a natural hair conditioner is important for optimal hair health and beauty…

What is a conditioner?

Conditioner is a hair care product used to improve the feel, appearance, and manageability of hair. A conditioner (conventional, not natural conditioner) is composed of silicones, oils and some cationic surfactants. These ingredients are combined to deliver a product that promises to make hair soft, easy to comb, and restore shine. So, if a conventional hair conditioner offers all of these benefits, why make the switch to a natural hair conditioner?

Conventional or natural conditioner?

Let’s first start with the difference between conventional and natural conditioners.

Conventional hair conditioners are often chalk-full of silicone. The silicone surfactants coat your hair giving an illusion of a silky and sleek appearance. However, industrial compounds smother the hair, weighing it down.

Natural hair conditioners, on the other hand, rely on organically sourced ingredients and are filled with essential plant extracts and oils which replenish the hair inside-out. Furthermore, the goodness of plants let your strands breathe without weighing down the hair!

The benefits of a natural conditioner for the hair

A natural conditioner is designed to deeply moisturize and heal hair. Can you say the same for your current conditioner? Products made with natural, high-level ingredients are better for you, and the environment, than a chemical-laden one. Pure, natural ingredients help seal in moisture and stimulate hair growth. Green ingredients work with the hair, rather than masking ongoing hair problems. Be prepared for a transition period, but in the longterm, your hair will thank us!

This Green’s hair conditioner with Ayurvedic extracts

This Green has developed a mild conditioner enriched with Ayurvedic extracts. The herbal Ayurvedic extracts refortify the cuticle with a protective layer allowing the hair to grow long and strong, rather than splitting or breaking. Combined with orange and bergamot essential oils, our organic conditioner leaves your hair smelling of a light citrus-like fragrance. This Green’s plant-based conditioner works like any other mainstream product, but with the added benefits of nature. So, do you fancy tangle-free, bouncy, shiny hair?

Read more about This Green’s hair conditioner here

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