Natural hair dye: beauty at any age

Natural hair dye: beauty at any age

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Natural plant dye locks in nutrients and moisture in the hair shaft creating a protective layer. This is possible thanks to a blend of all-natural ingredients. A pure  vegetable hair dye is a hair care solution for everyone.

All Natural Hair Dye

Natural hair dye is a hair color solution for many hair problems. With incredible benefits, a major difference between synthetic and plant-based hair dye is that natural dye coats the hair shaft rather than penetrating the follicle. This means no chemical change to your hair structure. Furthermore, vegetable hair dyes result in nourished locks and shimmering color with lasting brilliance.

This Green’s organic hair dyes are made using only natural extracts. Our powders are created from crushed plants, flowers, and tree barks. The different powders are then mixed with hot water to produce a unique coloring dye.

A plant-based natural hair dye is often used as an alternative for treating hair. Not only is the color better absorbed into the hair shaft, but it helps nourish the scalp and restore natural shine. Natural plant dye can be used by anyone at any stage in life. Below we explain why natural dyes are a great alternative for pregnant women and for people who are undergoing delicate medical treatment.

Vegetable hair dye for pregnant women

During the first trimester of pregnancy it is not advised to color hair due to certain ingredients found in mainstream dyes. Some vegetables that we consume are rich in color boosting nutrients; however, making vegetable-based hair dye a wonderful option  for expectant mothers. You can continue coloring your hair with this natural alternative because plant-based dyes  (with no harmful chemicals) are gentle on your scalp, body, and the environment.

Caring for your hair during medical treatment

When receiving any type of serious treatment, the body is generally weaker. For that very reason, hair coloring is discouraged by medical professionals. During chemotherapy, for example, dyeing one’s hair is considered unsafe because traditional hair dyes present a risk to the skin, scalp, and membranes. Additionally, using hair colorants while receiving chemotherapy treatment may interfere with hair regrowth.
If you’re seeking a solution, look no further. Natural vegetable hair dye allows you to   not only color but also nourish your hair and scalp at any stage of life.

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