Natural hair dye for grey hair: Unique and Advanced

Natural hair dye for grey hair: Unique and Advanced

Grijs haar verven met plantaardige haarverf is pure ambacht

Are you curious about coloring grey hair with a natural hair dye? Do you want to know how it works? In this article we explain This Green’s color theory and provide important details about the process.

Hair color chemistry

All hair colorists use a mix of primary and secondary colors to color hair. With chemical stains, the opposing secondary colors neutralize each other. This Green, however, has a different concept to achieve grey hair coverage. We use two shades – warm and cold tones – instead of six. The basic principles of neutralization remain, but the colors are not separated. Instead, we work with cold indigo tones to neutralize the warm henna tones.

By mixing different colors together, we achieve vibrant, unique shades. By combining different, plant-based powders, we are able to create a natural hair dye that can cover up grey hair. For example: a warm shade predominately containing henna powder in combination with a cold shade containing mostly indigo will result in a harmonious brown. The indigo, a cold pigment, neutralizes and tones down the warmth of henna.

Natural hair dye for grey hair cover up: pure craftsmanship

Knowing how to use natural hair dye for grey hair means knowing how to mix natural powders together. Seek out a hair color specialist who practices and understands natural dye, how it works, and, more importantly, who you trust . The fascinating process of blending colors requires pure craftsmanship which is why you should only turn to an experienced colorist in this area. The path to clean beauty is a happy one and, if your colorist has the proper knowledge and technique, you will be the happiest of all with your stunning results of natural hair color!

Years of experience have taught us that dyeing hair is about more than just mixing colors together. We work to develop a unique color for you – our client. We understand you want a color that is personalized and adapted to your hair. Would you like to learn more about natural hair dye to cover your grey hair? Click here to discover everything more about our natural hair dyes.


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