The multiple benefits of natural henna color (Lawsonia Inermis)

The Multiple benefits of natural henna color (Lawsonia inermis)

coloration pour cheveux au lawsonia inermis coloration capillaire au henné

Henna (Lawsonia inermis) is a miracle hair dye. Natural henna color is derived from a rich plant with strong antibacterial properties. We explain its multiple benefits and the many ways natural dyes help hair.

The Lawsonia inermis plant

Lawsonia Inermis is a plant with dark green leaves and four white-yellowish petals. To flourish, it needs hot, dry conditions and is found, for example, in India, Australia, and some African countries. Traditionally used for its medicinal properties, henna soon became known, the world-over, as a natural beauty plant. The natural pigment (lawsone), which can be found in the Lawsonia inermis leaves, is the key ingredient of henna powder.

Henna is full of rich coloring properties and is still used to this day by many cultures for traditional ceremonies. Henna’s vibrant color has caught the attention of the natural beauty market and is now used in plant-based hair color.

Lawsonia inermis and Natural henna color

Henna is an essential ingredient for any natural and herbal hair dye. With its reddish-orange color, it is actually one of the only natural color pigments that coat hair. The rich color from the henna plant releases when the leaves are crushed. Natural henna works because the natural pigment (lawsone) is great at depositing color on hair.

Henna is very versatile and can be mixed with other plant parts, e.g., the bark or roots, to produce various shades. If a darker shade is desired, add the pigment indigo to your Henna. This would require a longer resting time for the hair to properly absorb the color, so plan accordingly.

This Green: Natural Hair dye with henna

At This Green, we offer a total of 10 natural dye powders with henna being the main ingredient. The natural pigments from the Lawsonia inermis leaf coat each strand. Using a natural hair dye means building a protective layer around the hair cuticles and every strand, safeguarding your hair against potential damage. Hair dyes with henna lock in moisture boosting luster and strength.

Good quality henna dye can give you brilliant coverage, lasting color, and beautiful shine. There is a reason why so many cultures have been using this little shrub for centuries. Now, your hair can also benefit from the goodness of the henna plant. Are you tempted yet?

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