Why Natural Henna Hair Color is Right for you

Why Natural Henna Hair Color is Right for you

Kleuring met henna ziet er levendig uit

Are you looking for a natural way to dye your hair? Do you want intense hair color with a wonderful shine?
It’s your lucky day, because This Green’s natural henna hair color is what you’ve been looking for! Get a variety of absolutely stunning and vibrant shades with our henna dye.

Henna, a wonderful plant pigment…

First things first: what is henna and where does the henna pigment come from? Henna (Lawsonia inermis) is a flowering plant with an origin story tracing back to both ancient Egypt and India. Henna thrives in tropical climates and has been used for centuries throughout the Middle East, southern Asia, northern Australia, and North Africa.

While the entire plant is used, the natural coloring pigment is found primarily in the leaves. When crushed, the leaves produce an orange-reddish powder. Other parts of the plant are also utilized; however, including the bark and branches.

Henna hair color: Get vibrant and intense shades

Henna is a strong pigment, so it has the ability to produce vibrant and intense color results. Depending on the country of origin, the color may vary from yellow-orange to red-orange. Henna helps add luster and shine to hair. Natural henna hair color also contains regenerating, nourishing, and antibacterial properties.

One of the incredible aspects of henna is that, thanks to it’s flexible structure, it can be combined with other plants and herb extracts (indigo, cassia, amla) to produce a variety of shades. Henna reacts uniquely to each head of hair so you are guaranteed stunning, one-of-a-kind results. 

Natural henna color for neutral tones

Do you prefer neutral or cooler tones to complement your complexion or eye color? Henna dye has a warm base that allows us to create intense colors. If you don’t want such an intense reflect we can mix natural henna color with low yellow plants like cassia obovata to achieve neutral tones. Versatile henna really has something for everyone.

Hair responds better to natural ingredients, and plant-based dyes like henna bring out hair’s natural brilliance. Additionally, nutrient-dense plants treat the hair follicles while deeply conditioning them. Using a 100% natural henna hair color really is a beautiful and healthful way to color hair. So, whether you want to enhance your hair’s natural highlights, add warm or cool shades, or simply get natural looking root touch-ups, natural henna hair color is the perfect, chemical-free choice for you!

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