Natural Plant Hair Dye: Cares and Protects

Natural Plant Hair Dye: Cares and Protects

Teinture capillaire aux plantes

Are you thinking to make the shift toward natural plant hair dye?  You may have heard that 100% natural hair dye is a high-quality, plant-based alternative which cares for and protects hair. But is natural dye truly effective? Let’s find out…

What is all natural hair dye?

Humans have been using plant-based dyes for a millennia. For a period of time however; industrial, chemical-laden colorants replaced these natural plant hair dyes in salons and supermarkets. People are waking up to the fact that mainstream dyes can destroy the proteins in hair, making the natural beauty and skincare movement stronger than ever. The natural combination of ingredients in natural dyes, sun-dried plants, flowers, barks, and herbs makes for a high-value haircare product. All natural hair dye equals less damage and more care for your hair.

Natural plant hair dye: Does it work?

Hair responds better to natural ingredients because it is protected effectively during the coloring process. Natural dye pigments coat the hair with a nutrient-rich layer, leaving hair protected and infused with amazing shine. Finally, natural plant ingredients ensure that your hair structure improves giving you a voluminous head of hair with more shine and body.

Real organic hair dye protects the scalp

An organic, natural plant hair dye regulates the pH of the scalp. For anyone who suffers from allergic reactions or skin irritations natural dyes can help ease scalp conditions. Because the dye is 100% plant-based your scalp’s natural oils are not stripped away.  Instead, the hypoallergenic, anti-irritant ingredients help protect the scalp during hair coloring. It’s a win-win: fantastic color and a healthy scalp.

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