All Natural Shampoo for Colored Hair

All Natural Shampoo for Colored Hair

Shampoing pour cheveux colorés

You’ve tried the rest, now try the best! If you are on a color protecting shampoo, look no further. This Green has developed a shampoo composed of 100% natural,  organic ingredients. This article provides information about our natural shampoo, what it is, and why you should choose this option.

Why use a natural shampoo for colored hair?

Dyed hair needs proper care and protection to keep new color looking fabulous. The right shampoo should not only clean your hair but also nourish the strands and protect the color. Natural shampoo is perfect for dyed hair because it is gentle on your hair, new hair color, and the planet. Our mild Color Protection shampoo respects your hair’s natural color pigments and conditions your strands for long-lasting, vibrant hair color.

Use This Green’s Color Protection Shampoo

This Green’s 100% plant-based shampoo is ideal to safeguard color-treated hair hence the name, Color Protection. Our color protection shampoo is made from soap nuts (a naturally occurring lathering agent) which hydrate and revitalize the hair. These natural cleansers are a real gift from Mother Nature. This Green’s herbal shampoo deep cleans while balancing the scalp’s pH, and locking in color pigments for longer-lasting color. You’ll love the results!

How can I be sure the shampoo is 100% natural?

Real organic and natural haircare products are certified with a quality label. The term “organic” is oftentimes on packaging without passing a certification. So, what does an organically certified label guarantee?

  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Eco-Friendly standards
  • Good, ethical working conditions
  • Animal cruelty-free

This Green has Ecogarantie, a quality stamp of approval, which means we support and abide by these practices. And as one of the most stringent labels to obtain in Europe, we are proud to meet these requirements.

Find out more about Color Protection here!

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