Scalp pain: Opt for a natural shampoo for your sensitive scalp

Scalp pain: A natural shampoo for your sensitive scalp

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It tingles, it itches, it burns. You there, with a sensitive scalp! You are not alone in the battle of the irritated scalp. If you are at a loss of what to do as an allergy sufferer, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s decode this skin misery and offer a remedy for all your scalp needs.

What causes sensitive and irritated scalp problems?

You may be asking yourself: what have I done to deserve this? Believe it or not, an irritated scalp could be caused by any number of reasons. We often forget about internal triggers, like stress or hormonal imbalances, which may be the cause of your sensitive scalp. However, external factors, including pollution, climatic conditions, or even the use of harsh shampoos with synthetic ingredients, are often to blame.

An irritated scalp is caused by the inflammation of blood vessels. This inflammation, i.e., swelling, can be very painful. There are certain steps you can take to relieve and prevent scalp irritation. Avoid overloading your hair with unnecessary accessories: hair clips, elastic hair bands, or rubber headbands will only exacerbate the scalp pain. The same goes for harsh shampoos – pay special attention to ingredients that can dry out your scalp. Unfortunately, even some “sensitive” or “irritated” scalp products intended to deal with the problem end up making it worse.

If you struggle from scalp pain, opt for an organic or natural shampoo!

Natural route to relieve scalp pain

Take a glimpse into nature’s generosity! Natural ingredients can provide tremendous benefits for sensitive scalp problems. Nature can heal, nourish, and purify an irritated scalp.

Based on pure soap nuts, our ultra-mild shampoo penetrates the hair fiber without harming the natural skin layer for silky and soft hair. Enriched with apple extracts, sea salt, shikakai and citrus essential oils, this shampoo offers you everything nature intended.

Suffer from scalp pain? Opt for our natural solution. This shampoo is suitable for all hair types, not matter your sensitivity level.

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