Natural skin care: Introduce Your Skin to the Power of Nature

Natural skin care: Introduce Your Skin to the Power of Nature

Cosmétiques naturels et produits naturels

The latest beauty revolution is all about natural skin care! But what is natural skin care and, more importantly, are natural products better for you?

Natural skin care revolution

The global beauty industry is worth over $500m dollars. With consumers expressing a desire for green, organic skin care, a beauty revolution is underway. Many are taking to Google to understand what “natural skin care” actually means. And with over 170 million pages for this simple term, there is apparently a lot of confusion surrounding it.

Cosmetic companies are racing to keep up in the booming natural products market. A leading factor driving the natural skin care trend is an influx of consumers demanding chemical-free, natural products, full of effective herbal and antioxidant goodness. Many shoppers, however, still find it difficult to understand if natural products are really what they claim to be.

Defining natural products

A commonly misused and misunderstood term, natural products are hard to define.  The International Law Office defines the European standard of a natural product as consisting of natural substances of botanical, mineral or animal origin .

At the root of it all, natural products are powerful gifts with huge health benefits from mother nature. Take Ayurvedic products as an example – the holistic approach of Ayurveda has been harnessing the power of nature for centuries and finally, many active ingredients found in natural products are clinically approved.

Real organic and natural skin care

The word natural”, and the way it’s used, remains ambiguous in the beauty industry. It’s not a regulated word so many companies claim their products are natural, unlike the term certified organic, which is defined and protected. When a product has the organic seal of approval (a certified label), it ensures that the product contains only active natural and herbal ingredients. Furthermore, any brand that has made the effort to obtain an organic certification means that their skincare range has been independently checked to ensure 95% to 100% of the ingredients are organic.

At This Green, our entire skincare line is natural and meets the requirements set out by the Ecogarantie® label. This means you benefit from sustainable natural products which respect the environment as much as your health!

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