Why it’s better to opt for a natural spray

Why it’s better to opt for a natural spray

A natural spray with essential oils that's also environmentally friendly

Wondering why it’s better to choose for natural spray with plant-based ingredients? Looking for the best way to use such an environmentally friendly hair spray? Find out everything you need to know below.

What is natural hair spray?

Natural spray is not only used to style and keep the hair in place; it can also be used to avoid frizzy hair. The advanced composition of this spray sees the use of as many plant-based ingredients as possible. Essential oils are also added to the formula… a revolutionary concept!

Why opt for natural spray for hair?

The natural ingredients in the hair spray protect the hair from outside influences without making it feel sticky. This gives your hairstyle a controlled fix that still maintains its suppleness. The spray also styles the hair without drying it out, making it easier to comb out the next day. The inclusion of essential oils means that the scented spray leaves your hair with a sublime fragrance for a pleasant daily routine. And lastly, natural spray uses as many natural ingredients as possible, to the exclusion of all chemicals. This means that the environmentally friendly hair spray has a positive impact on man, animals, and the environment.

How to use environmentally friendly hair spray

First and foremost, it’s important that the hair is completely dry. It’s also important to check that the spray nozzle is clean to ensure the spray diffuses evenly. Always clean the nozzle with a wet wipe. When you’ve achieved your desired hairstyle, use the hair spray to keep the hair in place. For the best results, hold the spray at a distance of about 30cm (12 inches) and apply the spray in circular motions. Not quite perfect yet? Spray some hair spray on your hands and style your final strands for an amazing look!

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