An advanced technique: Organic dye for gray hair

Advanced techniques: Organic dye for gray hair

coloring gray hair with organic dye: perfect coverage

Are you looking for a natural way to color your hair but do you already have gray hairs? This Green developed specific organic dye for gray hair that everyone and anyone can use. It’s never been easier to color gray hair with organic dye!

The origins of organic dye for gray hair

Coloring gray hair with organic dye is a completely natural concept. It all starts with drying flowers, bark, leaves… in the sun. Once dry, these plants are ground into a fine powder. Each powder has specific properties and can achieve different color tones. The basis of organic dye is obtained by mixing these powders. If water is then added, you can start coloring hair.

How to color gray hair with organic dye

This Green developed an advanced technique to provide perfect coverage when coloring gray hair with organic dye. We guarantee full coverage, without any transparency effect. This is thanks to the combination of warm and cold plant powders. To achieve this combination, a base layer is first created using warm powders such as henna. The warm pigments are then neutralized with cold pigments such as indigo. That’s how organic dye for gray hair provides perfect coverage and gives your hair a vibrant, uniform color.

Would you rather have natural highlights? This can be achieved using organic dye for gray hair, too! In that case, the warm and cold pigments are mixed and applied during a single application. Your gray hairs will still be covered, but they’ll be lighter in color in comparison to your base color. The results? A vibrant head of hair with different shades. So, coloring gray hair with organic dye has many possibilities. There’s something for every taste.

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