What does organic color for hair do?

What does organic color for hair do?

Organic color for hair is healthy and sustainable

Traditional versus organic color for hair… What is the difference and how do you make the best choice? Below, we’ll briefly explain the differences between these two types of hair color as well as unveil their benefits.

Add color to your hair with organic dye

Did you know that there are different ways to color hair? This includes traditional chemical hair dye, which can achieve all shades and hues. Unfortunately, chemical dyes can also contain synthetic substances that trigger allergic reactions amongst those that have a specific allergy. PPD, ammonia, resorcinol… are examples of such substances.

Thankfully there are also organic dyes for hair, which can similarly achieve a wide variety of color, without damaging the hair. It all starts with sun-dried plants that are ground into a fine powder. When one or several of these colored powders are mixed with water, organic color for hair is formed.

Organic dye for hair will have you glowing

Because organic hair dye consists wholly of natural ingredients, your hair genuinely revives. Thanks to its gentle functioning, your hair fiber will get the chance to regenerate. Once completely repaired, the hair is strong and supple once more. In short, organic dye for hair provides sublime shine that will soon have you glowing.

Use organic dye for hair for maximum protection

As a result of its unique effect, organic color for hair provides protection. Thanks to its advanced technique, the color simply coats the hair. This means that the inside of the hair fiber remains unaltered, thus retaining its internal structure. This coating even protects the hair. That’s why we recommend This Green plant-based hair color: it not only colors the hair but protects it too.

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