Benefits of using professional organic hair dye

Benefits of using professional organic hair dye

Analyse de la coloration naturelle

Professional organic hair dye is renowned for its numerous advantages and possibilities, but even nature has its limits.

The benefits of organic hair dye

One of the biggest advantages of This Green’s professional organic hair dye is that it’s 100% natural. Produced through certified organic farming methods, our priority is on both you and the environment.

This clean, herbal colorant offers a multitude of possibilities allowing professional colorists to really get creative while strengthening your strands. What’s more,  This Green’s 100% plant-based dye creates natural-looking colors with incomparable shine and unique shades.

Here are some advantages:

  • Color is boosted, making hair more vibrant
  • Hair can be highlighted or darkened
  • Tone-on-tone hair coloring is possible
  • Modern, luminous shades are achievable
  • Subtle or intense hair tones are doable
  • Golden or coppery red shades are feasible 

Finally, This Green’s natural plant dye offers two solutions to achieve 100% grey hair coverage: opaque or translucent. Whichever option you choose, your colorist can create a luminous coverage or a balayage (sweeping) effect.

Limitations of organic hair dye

This Green avoids chemical ingredients and believes that it’s important to be frank about the limitations of organic dye:

  • Lightening or bleaching is not possible because natural dye does not chemically alter your natural hair pigment.
  • Cool, ashy tones are not possible due to our use of henna, but warm and neutral tones are achievable.
  • There is no traditional color chart as the resulting color depends entirely on a person’s hair type, density, and original color.

As you can see, the advantages of this ecological hair care product greatly outweigh the disadvantages; however, we believe in full transparency about what is and is not possible. Our palette of plant-based hair dyes will allow you to achieve beautiful results without doing harm to your body or the environment.

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