The benefits of organic hair oil

The benefits of organic hair oils

Your hair deserves nothing but the best. Are you looking for a hair treatment to bring back luster to dry, damaged hair? An organic hair oil can nourish your hair intensely and repair the hair fiber. A hair oil with essential oils can moisturize, regulate, and prevent hair loss. The benefits are endless…

What are the benefits of using organic hair oil?

People often use hair oil to moisturize thirsty, dry hair. Oils are great hair boosters, as they strengthen the scalp and hair fiber. The oil nourishes hair with fatty acids and replenishes your hair’s ceramide. The oil binds to the outside of the hair fiber forming a clear, protective outer layer. This layer protects the hair shaft against extreme climate conditions such as wind, cold, sun, and pollution. Take a look at the incredible benefits and advantages:

  • Oils repair the hair fiber by penetrating the hair cuticle
  • Hair is stronger, shinier, and silky soft
  • Hair is protected against external harmful factors such as sunlight, humidity, and pollution
  • Essential oils help seal in moisture, preventing your hair from drying out

Finding the right organic hair oil

With so many different oils to choose from, how can you know which one best suits your particular hair? Here’s a tip: choose an oil that contains 100% natural ingredients, preferably with a ‘certified organic’ label on it. This ensures you are buying a high-quality product.

Hair Oil from This Green: Bioleic Care

We have created a 100% organic hair oil, composed of various vegetable oils and enriched with essential oils. This is a high-end oil treatment that deeply penetrates the hair cuticle thanks to its hydrating properties. Made with the most natural ingredients, Bioleic by This Green replenishes vital oils to bring luster, softness, and shine back to your hair. Want to know more about Bioleic hair care oil and its benefits? Read more about the fantastic Bioleic Care here.

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