Organic henna hair dye guarantees perfect results

Organic henna hair dye guarantees perfect results

Verf met henna is gezond en geeft glans

Are you looking for a natural way to color your hair, but cannot find a dye that delivers perfect color results? Look no further. This Green has exactly what you’ve been looking for. Our advanced organic henna hair dye guarantees perfect color results!

What is organic henna hair dye?

Henna comes from the powdered leaves of the henna plant. This is what makes organic henna for hair a popular choice in a crowded field of alternative hair coloring options. Henna is a coloring pigment that deposits color on the hair and affixes to the hair fiber.

Why use henna for hair?

Many people use henna for coloring hair because the natural dye pigments attach itself to the outside of the hair fiber. This ensures that the internal hair structure does not change. An organic henna hair dye will respect the hair shaft while treating and conditioning the hair fiber. Because the dye gently wraps itself around the shaft, it forms a protective layer which ensures that your natural pigment remains intact. Furthermore, the natural plant properties reinforce the hair fiber rather than  weakening it.

Can I really get perfect results?

There are many myths about henna’s ability to color hair, so we’ll focus on the top two.

  1. Only red and red-brown shades are achievable
    If you use real henna hair dye, you can achieve warm, cool, and neutral tones.
    At This Green, we mix henna with other natural pigments like indigo to cool the warm undertone of henna to achieve any color shade!
  2. Henna can’t cover grey hair
    We guarantee 100% grey coverage. At This Green, our hair colorists have developed special techniques using henna hair dye to achieve the coverage you crave.


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