A pure organic shampoo for your hair

A pure organic shampoo for your hair

An organic shampoo - natural hair products | This Green

So why are so many people switching to organic shampoos? Because they care for the scalp and hair. All-natural hair products are made using only the purest ingredients which gently infuse your hair and scalp with protective nutrients.

What is an organic shampoo?

A certified organic shampoo contains only natural ingredients. Certified organic and natural shampoos provide the winning combination for eco and beauty conscious shoppers. Natural hair products are enriched with pure, active ingredients (plant and herb extracts) to provide the perfect balance of natural oils, vitamins, and minerals for your hair follicles. Natural shampoo is non-allergenic, making it suitable for all scalp types: normal, dry, oily, or sensitive.

How to find a real organic shampoo?

When it comes to natural hair products, quite a few companies misuse the word “organic”. They use clever advertising tricks marketing their hair products as green or organic when they may, in fact, contain no certified organic ingredients. This is referred to as greenwashing. When shopping for a credible all-natural shampoo, take a closer look at the ingredient list. A trustworthy, certified organic label is difficult to obtain. This Green’s products are certified organic with Ecogarantie – a quality European label. We comply to their strict guidelines, which are reviewed yearly by independent certification bodies to respond to current issues. Ecogarantie provides a unique seal of approval that guarantees high-quality products.

Why use a 100% certified organic shampoo?

Here are some benefits of choosing organic hair products:

  • Substances are completely biodegradable
  • Stunning results: beautiful, shiny, easy-to-care-for hair
  • The overall condition of your hair and scalp improves considerably.

Now you have several reasons to use ​​a 100% organic and natural shampoo! Discover our Color Protection Shampoo here

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