Plant-based dye for hair: All-in-one color and care

Plant-based dye for hair: All-in-one color and care

Plant dye for hair colors and nourishes the hair

Wondering why plant dye for hair is such a great choice? We’ll provide a clear answer simply by taking a look at the ingredients… You’ll notice that these ingredients are of 100% natural origin.

Plant dye for hair is of natural origin

Can you imagine coloring your hair with water and plants alone? How amazing would it be to use wholly natural products?! Well, look no further, because this dream has become a reality…

Plant-based dye for hair consists solely of powders from plants. It all starts with the drying of flowers, leaves, and branches in the sun — a completely natural process. Once dried, these elements are ground into a fine powder. That’s how This Green obtains plant powder. The plant dye for hair is then obtained by combining these different powders.

Once mixed with water, the plant-based dye for hair is formed. This means that no other substances are added: everything is natural and biodegradable. Additionally, plants with both a coloring and a caring effect are mixed, so that the hair is not only colored but also intensely nourished.

Plant-based dye for hair: two types of ingredients

1. Plants with a coloring effect

A large portion of these plants are plants with a coloring effect. This means that they can color the hair thanks to their natural pigments. Each plant has different pigments, which allows for different colors. Where one type of plant provides yellow tones, for example, the other will provide brown tones.

A single plant can often obtain multiple colors. How, exactly? There are several possible explanations. The color either differs depending on where the plant was cultivated or depending on the different parts of the plant that are used. This makes for a very fun and intriguing process of working out the composition of plant dye for hair.

2. Plants with a caring effect

Plant dye for hair not only provides great color; it also provides great hair care. This is made possible thanks to those plants that have various virtuous and caring characteristics. Each type of plant has specific characteristics, which is why they are added to the plant color. Examples include:

  • Stimulating hair growth and preventing hair loss
  • Treating dandruff
  • Repairing and nourishing the hair
  • Cleansing and balancing the scalp
  • Providing sublime shine

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