Plant-based hair dye for gray hair: perfect coverage

Plant-based hair dye for gray hair: perfect coverage

plant-based dye for gray hair provides perfect coverage

It’s often thought that plant-based hair dye doesn’t provide perfect coverage. At This Green, however, we guarantee that our plant-based dye for gray hair provides 100% gray coverage!

How does plant-based hair dye for gray hair work?

It all starts with drying the plants, flowers, bark… in the sun. Once dried, these natural ingredients are ground into a fine powder. This powder forms the hair color. When mixed, it produces the basic ingredient of plant-based hair dye: plant powder.

Each powder has typical characteristics that contribute to the plant-based dye. Some plants will have tinctorial characteristics, for instance, while others will have a caring effect. Examples of such hair care include balancing the scalp, nourishing the hair, treating dandruff…

The different plant powders are obtained by mixing the different plants. Each type will therefore not only color your hair but will also provide intense hair care. The plant-based dye is obtained by mixing these powders with water. Note: and not a single chemical ingredient has been added. You can’t get more natural than that!

How does it achieve perfect coverage?

Plant-based hair dye for gray hair provides perfect coverage. Regardless of color and amount of gray hair, this dye provides perfect coverage without transparency. This is made possible thanks to our advanced technique for applying plant-based dye. We train our This Green hairdressers into veritable experts who use modern techniques to color your hair in fantastic fashion. So, not to worry.. You’re in great hands!

It’s also possible to play around with gray hair and a transparency effect. This may be done to obtain a balayage highlighting effect, for instance. Natural highlights, how cool is that!? We also teach our hairdressers this technique with plant-based dye.

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