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Advantages of using 100% plant-based hair dye

Advantages of using plant-based hair dye

100% plant-based hair dye

Have you been thinking about a more natural approach to coloring your hair? In this article we explain what plant-based hair dye is, the benefits, and why it’s time for  you to  go “green” with your haircare routine.

A promising alternative for allergy sufferers

Hair dye allergies are extremely common. Certain chemicals found in mainstream hair dyes (ammonia, PPD, and resorcinol) have been linked to allergic reactions. If you suffer from skin allergies – or just have sensitive skin – you’ll be happy to learn that This Green’s 100% plant-based hair dye contains no lab-born, artificial ingredients. Anyone can use plant dye and it’s suitable for all skin and hair types. Know too, that natural hair dye is gentle enough to use after receiving treatment like chemotherapy, and it’s safe for mother and child during and after pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Plant-based hair dye respects hair

When a hair dye is 100% natural, it cleanses the scalp and balances its pH levels. Your scalp feels light, nourished, and your hair shines again. Furthermore, your colour looks natural and hair feels stronger. And because color fades gradually with each wash , you won’t see harsh regrowth lines.

Plant-based hair dye can also be used on grey hair. A single application results in natural looking highlights, while two applications brings 100% coverage. The possibilities and effectiveness are comparable to traditional hair colorants you may have used in the past.

Eco-friendly hair care

Being composed entirely of natural ingredients is one of the biggest advantages of plant-based hair dye is. Your conscience will be clear as you achieve beautiful results without compromising the integrity of your hair fibers or ethics. Our 100% organic herbal hair dye contains pure flowers, plants, and tree barks making it not only natural, but vegan. This Green’s Herbal hair color is simply a better alternative for everyone.

Read more about This Green’s plant dye here

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