Plant-based color for hair

Plant-based color for hair…

Plant color for hair is healthy

Not sure what plant-based color for hair does, exactly? The answer is simple: it not only colors your hair but also balances your scalp and strengthens your hair fibers.

What is the impact of plant color for hair?

Plant-based color for hair has an enormous impact on both your scalp and your hair. Before coloring your hair, however, it’s important to know how it works and how it’ll benefit your scalp and hair…

Plant dye rebalances your scalp. Thanks to the regulation of sebum production, your scalp is brought into balance and starts to repair. Plant color for hair also repairs the structure of the hair. Plant color for hair coats the hair fibers, which then start to repair and regenerate from the inside, making them strong once again. This is in stark contrast to chemical dyes that penetrate the hair fiber, altering their internal structure and ultimately damaging the hair.

A truly natural color

Opting for plant color for hair means treating your hair without any harmful substances. On the contrary: everything is natural! The color consists of powders derived from sun-dried plants and water. No other ingredients are added except for what Mother Nature has provided us. In short, this is a truly natural hair color!

Why use plant color for hair?

Besides being a wholly natural product that has no negative impact on your health, natural color for hair boasts many other benefits. The most important benefit for your hair color? Sublime shine. Your hair is revived thanks to the plant-based color for hair. This effect is thanks to the coating of the hair fibers. This enveloping layer protects the hair, providing it with a beautiful and intense shine.

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