Is plant hair dye truly plant-based?

Is plant hair dye truly plant-based?

Plant dye is not always truly plant-based

What, exactly, is plant-based hair dye and how do you recognize it? As a manufacturer of real plant hair dye, we’ll answer these questions below. We”ll also share our list of ingredients, so that you can be sure that our products are truly plant-based.

What is real plant dye?

Plant dye has existed for centuries. It’s an old technique that’s been used for many years. By laying out plants, flowers, bark… in the sun to dry and subsequently grinding them to a fine powder, you can obtain the main ingredient of this dye: plant powder. It is, therefore, a completely natural process.

The benefit of natural hair dye is that it merely coats your hair without altering the internal structure of your hair fiber. This coating functions as a protective layer against external aggressors such as wind, sun, pollution… Besides plants with a coloring effect, we also add plants with a caring effect. These have different purposes such as balancing the scalp, nourishing dry hair, providing extra shine… Plant-based dye therefore not only colors your hair; it does so much more than that!

The This Green selection criteria for plant-based hair dye

This Green strives to be as transparent as possible when it comes to its ingredients. You will notice that our plant dye solely consists of natural ingredients. Each color holds an extensive cosmetic record, carried out by an independent toxicologist. These guarantee the naturalness of our products. Only Saffron contains a minimal percentage of sodium picramate. However, this percentage lies well below the permissible quantity, and study by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety has shown that there have been no allergies linked with the ingredient. So, it poses no health risk.

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