Vegetal hair color for every hair type

Vegetal hair color for every hair type

Préparation à la coloration végétale

Whatever type your hair may be – “natural”, sensitive, or hypersensitive – the transition from chemical to vegetal hair color is not always simple. Knowing your hair type and selecting the proper pre-treatment before making the “green leap” is crucial. We explain in further detail how to prepare your hair for natural dyes.

What is vegetal hair color?

So, you’ve finally decided to try vegetal hair color. Natural hair dyes are made from pure green ingredients and you want to reap the optimum benefits while coloring your hair. Vegetal color is gentler on the hair and scalp and enhances your hair’s natural color while adding a healthy, beautiful shine.

The transition from chemical to vegetal hair color

Just as with mainstream dye, it is important to pre-treat your hair before using any type of natural dye. The vegetal coloration process, of course, differs from that of chemical-based hair dyes. To start, you must wash the hair beforehand. Starting with a clean scalp and hair ensures better color absorption of the vegetal hair color. Each and every hair type needs to be pre-treated, but which pre-treatment and its application will depend entirely on hair type. Be open and honest with your colorist as a customized treatment may be necessary.

Normal hair

For what is generally referred to as normal hair, our clay mask is used as a pre-treatment. This detox mask will remove any silicone buildup or residue on the scalp and hair as a result of using traditional, synthetic beauty products. This Green’s detox mask dissolves the toxins on the scalp and prepares it for healthy hair growth. Apply the mask, let it rest for 15-20 minutes, and gently rinse it out.  Next you’ll wash the hair. Once the hair is dry, you can start using natural dyes on the hair.

Sensitive hair

Even if you have sensitive hair, your hair colorist can use vegetal hair color at your first coloring appointment. The pre-treatment varies, however. Your hair colorist should pre-treat the hair with a moisturizing hair care oil. Ideally, the oil should be based on herbal extracts and essential oils. This will help restore and repair the hair fiber and promote healthy hair growth.

Hypersensitive hair

If your hair is hypersensitive, intense treatment is required before using dye of any sort. Pre-treat your locks with a nutritive hair oil (like those with sensitive hair), but repeat the process several times at home before using vegetal hair color. The hair care oil should be used once or twice a week. After a month of treatment, the hair fibers are noticeably stronger. Once you have a proper foundation you may begin using natural dyes and get optimal color absorption.

Vegetal hair color conditions and protects your hair, no matter what your hair type is.

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