A two-phase detangling spray: goodbye knots & tangles

Démêlant pour cheveux démêlant biphasé noeuds dans les cheveux

Knots and tangles are torture.  But where do they come from and how can you get rid of them? This Green has the answer to your tangled hair saga: a two-phase detangling spray.  This leave-in conditioner moisturizes and intensely nourishes your hair for a supple, brilliant finish.

How does hair get knotted and tangled?

To put it simply, knots and tangles form when hair lacks hydration. Long, beautiful, healthy hair requires a good hair care routine, but our daily hair habits can be harmful. Over-exposure to sun, excessive use of heated styling tools, chemical treatments, e.g., traditional hair dyes or bleaching, or a simple lack of care cause stress, friction and damage.

The causes of knots are vast, but the results are the same. Dry, rough hair loses natural oils resulting in  knotted, tangled hair.

The solution: A detangling spray for hair

Knotted and tangled hair can leave you and your hair frustrated. And while damage to hair may be caused unwittingly, there is a solution: This Green’s natural detangling spray. This hydrating organic spray replenishes and revitalizes thirsty locks. Our 100% natural spray acts as a leave-in conditioner and reduces the amount friction between strands which means you can say ‘adieu’ to tangled hair!

This Green’s two-phase detangling spray and leave-in conditioner

This Green’s innovative two-phase detangling spray treatment acts a leave-in conditioner intensely hydrating and nourishing the hair fiber while replacing essential oils.  We start with fragrant chamomile water and lime blossom, then add in enriching vegetable oils to hydrate, repair, and detangle your hair. The result? Soft, shiny, easy-to-comb hair. This product is suitable for all hair types and should be applied to wet hair only.

Life isn’t always perfect, but your hair can be. Say goodbye to knots and tangles. Find more information about our detangling spray here.

Important: Do not use this treatment on hair colored with vegetal hair dye.

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