Our Hair Care Oil with Mandarin

Pre-shampoo Hair Care Oil with citrus Mandarin extracts | This Green

Citrus fruit. What comes to mind? For many, an orange. The undisputed star for us at This Green, however, is the mighty mandarin. We have decided to showcase the amazing benefits of the mandarin in our pre-shampoo hair oil. Learn more about this effective hair care product and how it can make your hair strong, shiny, and beautiful.

Hair Care Oil with Mandarin

Originally from Southeast Asia, the small mandarin is a vitamin-packed citrus fruit. With its red-orange colored flesh, the mandarin has a multitude of benefits, and it would be wrong not to make use of them. We have, therefore, developed a hair care oil using the fruit’s extracts.

Enriched with various essential oils, our mandarin-infused pre-shampoo hair oil is smooth on the skin and adds natural beauty to the hair. If you love the taste, now you can enjoy it’s uplifting, sweet fragrance on your hair!

Citrus extracts – Your hair deserves the best

At This Green, we love nature and promote its benefits daily. We have a passion for the purest ingredients, and use them to create high-quality, premium hair care products.

Because your hair deserves nothing but the best, our mandarin hair care oil is enriched with vitamin D and acts as a natural antioxidant. It’s a widely known fact that mandarins (as well as other citrus fruits) help boost the immune system and treat various skin conditions. And just as citrus fruit is beneficial for your health, it is beneficial for your hair!

Mandarins naturally contain calming properties, and their sweet fragrance delicately perfumes our pre-shampoo hair oil. Each time you use this 100% natural hair care product your mind will relax for a sweet, stress-free moment.

Our pre-shampoo hair product

Our citrus hair oil penetrates and regenerates down to the deepest layers of your hair fibers. Apply this oil to your hair before shampooing to bring back softness and shine to your strands.

The delicate, refreshing scents of sweet orange, bergamot, and lime essential oils will take your senses on an exotic journey. Join us.

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