Is hair color without PPD the solution for people with a PPD allergy?

This Green has hair color without PPD for people with a PPD allergy

What is PPD? There’s already lots of information to found on this topic. Here’s a concise summary of everything you need to know about PPD and hair color without PPD…

PPD is a contact allergen

First and foremost, it’s important to know that PPD is a contact allergen. This means that when someone’s allergic to PPD, an allergic reaction may occur when they come into direct contact with PPD. As a general rule, the allergic reaction will appear on those areas where PPD was directly applied.

This reaction can manifest itself in many different ways. The skin may become red and itchy, for instance. Blemishes, flakes or blisters may appear on the reddened skin, but other effects such as swelling are also possible. To find out whether or not you’re allergic to PPD, we recommend you get in touch with a dermatologist. A dermatologist will be able to determine whether you’re allergic to the substance after performing an allergy test.

Which products contain PPD?

PPD is processed in many different products. Photographic developers, photocopiers, fax machines… all contain this substance. But the most common example is hair dye. When someone’s allergic, an allergic reaction may occur during or after coloring the hair. In that case, hair dyes without PPD may offer a solution.

Is hair color without PPD the solution?

Hair dye without PPD may offer a solution if PPD is the only substance you are allergic to. If you’re also allergic to other substances, we recommend you consult the INCI list. Are you only allergic to PPD? Then there are two types of hair color without PPD for you to choose from.

Firstly, you have the traditional synthetic hair dye consisting of variants both with and without PPD. If you have a PPD allergy, you can consult the INCI list on the packaging. PPD is officially known as p-Phenylenediamine. If this name appears on the packaging, it means the hair dye contains PPD. Is this name nowhere to be seen? Then it’s safe to say that the hair dye does not contain any PPD.

But there’s also a second type of color, namely, natural hair color without PPD. This is a water and plant-based dye type. Flowers, bark, leaves… of color-giving plants are dried in the sun. Once dry, they are ground to a fine powder. In combination with water, this powder can color hair. Seeing as plants and water are the only ingredients used, the color formed can be considered hair color without PPD. You can’t get more natural than that!

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